The Bee Mama

Hi I’m Maude Stephany, The Bee Mama!

Maude Stephany, The Bee Mama

Maude Stephany, The Bee Mama

What does a Bee Mama do? Well, this Bee Mama is all about education and knowledge, and inspiring people to be able to act in support of bees and pollinators everywhere. That takes education, information and passion – something that I have lots of.

I do this through two different methods:

First of all, I create curriculum based science programs for children grades K-9 with a bee/pollinator/pollination/environment/environmental impact focus. These programs are available for purchase, to be used for homeschooling, classrooms and youth groups.

If you’re an educator(in class, at home or with a youth group) looking to find curriculum-based science plans for children in Kindergarten to Grade 9, you’ll want to join the BumbleAcademy.  BumbleAcademy is filled with tons of fun facts about bees, sprinkled in with the occasional promotion of the Bee Mama’s fabulous products which will help you integrate bee science components to your current science curriculum. If you join the BumbleAcademy, you’ll receive a free craft and mini-lesson that you can use right now and continue to get tons of great little science snippets about bees, pollinators and environment that you can use for your class, youth, or youth group.

If you’re interested in learning more about bees, wild pollinators and pollination, you’ll want to join HiveMind, a community for bee-lovers . HiveMind will feature regular RSS feed from my blog, as well as information that other bee-loving organizations share with me. This will help us all learn more about bees and pollinators and how we can support them better. In addition to this, as a new subscriber to HiveMind you’ll receive a free download of my awesome “I speak for the bees, no pesticide please!”  poster that you can print and put up in your window to declare your support for the bees. 

And if you’re interested in both parts of The Bee Mama, you will want to sign up to receive news and information from both HiveMind(a combined Newsletter and RSS feed from my blog) and BumbleAcademy.

I’ll “bee” seeing you soon!

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