The importance of snow

Today a friend of mine on Facebook was commenting about the snow, and the sheer quantity of it that we are experiencing here in Southern Ontario. She’s trying to “stay positive” she says, but she is struggling to understand why we NEED so much snow. Is there a reason, she asks, why we have to have so much of it right now?

Some of her friends chipped in with comments that the snow is of benefit to ski hills. Another quipped that it will raise ground water supplies and add more water to the great lakes.

Now, I agree that there are certainly benefits in the long run – and even economic advantages for some from this heavy snowfall. But I had to throw my two cents in (do they still count when your country doesn’t produce pennies anymore) .. and I replied with this:

Snow is nature’s blanket, which tells us to slow down, rest and relax. We’re all too busy rushing around here and there, and not necessarily THINKING about what we’re doing and why. The snow is giving us that time to step back and really THINK. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Is it REALLY that important? It gives us a gift of perspective.

Let’s be honest here. When there is blowing snow, you have to really evaluate how important it is for you to get in your car (or step outside) to go to the store (or wherever). Does that trip to the mall become important? Or do you re-evaluate and decide that staying home, where you are safe and dry and warm, is better for you?

That’s why I see snow as a friend – it reminds me that I don’t have to rush off and DO MORE things. Doing more doesn’t necessarily bring me closer to my goal. In fact, it might keep me from reaching it because I’m filling my life with more “things to do.”

Snow reminds me that I need to think through my decisions, and evaluate what’s really important. Will going out to do groceries this morning help me get my work done? Or will it keep me from getting it done? Do I have to go out today at all? Today, my answer is Yes, I do need to get some groceries, so that I have what I need for my meals this week. But NO, I don’t need to go to the cafe to work. I can stay home, with a warm cup of coffee, in front of my computer, and get my work done here.

If you’re reading this today and you’re experiencing a lot of snow (real or spiritual), give yourself permission to step back and really think things through. Think (and feel with your heart) whether it’s really all that important whether you do the thing you’re thinking of doing. Give yourself permission to pause, to rest even (especially if you’ve been going full-out for some time). Your spirit, your body and your mind will thank you, and you will have clarity to why you’re doing the things that you choose to do.

(This entry originally posted on 1/27/14)

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