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ThankABeeGame               I’m so excited, because, today, I get to share my passion for pollinators with Guelph-area youth!

The University of Guelph Family Housing is running a week-long program for children during spring break, with a feature on plants. When they asked for volunteers who had knowledge relating to plants, I volunteered to teach the kids about pollinators (especially bees) and their importance to our food supply – and how to make a mason bee house from recycled materials.

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I’ll have some great products up for sale later on – a printable guide to show you how to make your own mason bee house from recycled materials – as well as kits to make your own from these plans.


Sharing with community — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Maude
    Thank you for sharing you knowledge with us at your Mason bee nest building workshop yesterday. I really appreciated your knowledge and the fact that you’re such a strong advocate of recycling. Would you please contact me as I’d like to talk to you about another project I think you’ll be interested in.

    • Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Vicki. I am always looking for ways to partner with communities, and help them create more opportunities for pollinators. I will definitely be in touch!

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