Earth Day, Every Day!



It’s Earth Day once again, and, as always, I hear the phrase that we should be making every day Earth Day.

As a person who loves the earth, its creatures and who has chosen a very simple (but elegant) lifestyle, I live Earth Day every day. Or, at least I try to.

I do my best to purchase my food from local, organic growers and food producers. I use cloth bags as much as I can. Our family takes public transit everywhere, we don’t own a car, and when we need to travel just a short distance, we walk.

Although to day is rainy and I have a host of meetings (online) to attend to, my plan is to take a short walk in the park across the road for the first time this year. (Yes, being a writer means spending more time indoors than I really want to).

I would love to hear what you’re doing to observe Earth Day today. #EarthDay

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