Celebrating Pollinator Week

Hurray it’s pollinator week!

The Bee Mama

Leafcutter bee

To celebrate, I’m going to focus on one bee-friendly plant or bee variety every day this week.
While some sites are going to tell you to go BUY plants to put into your garden to help the pollinators, I’m going to do something radical. I’m going to encourage you to try to FIND these plants in your area.
Then, if you’ve got a smartphone with your GPS turned on, I’d like to ask you to map them on Googlemaps on this map HERE) so that we can share information about where we are, and what is already there.
Most of the plants I’ll be focusing on are American (North and South) because that is where I live and what I know – so if you live on another continent and happen to notice bees going to certain plants there, let us know.
Wherever you are, we’d love to see your photos – so take a picture of the plants in your area that bees really take a liking to. Share that picture with us HERE.

Remember most bees CAN sting – so give them space.

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